Diana Kline received her BFA from the University of Ottawa (2011). She was born in Ottawa, Ontario and has resided there her entire life. Her experience at the University of Ottawa helped further her knowledge of a variety of art mediums. However, her love for articulating emotional complexities through the medium of oil paint has proven to be a pivotal mode of expression in her understanding of the world. She has received the Edmund and Isobel Ryan Visual Arts Scholarship (2011) as well as the Jane Moore Memorial Fine Arts award (2006).

Kline's artistic practice examines figures by manipulating the colours found in flesh as well as each figure's interacting environment. By doing this, she expresses different modes of anxieties. Kline's most recent works involve vintage photographs, which expand on themes of memory, archiving and remembrance.

She has exhibited in Ottawa at SAW Gallery, Gallery 115, Nuit Blanche and Cube Gallery. This emerging Ottawa artist works by commission as well as continually expands on her own body of work. Kline has three solo shows currently scheduled in 2013, they are as follows: Remnants at Venus Envy Ottawa (March), Daydream at Equator Coffee House (April) and Stitches of Reflection at Shenkman Arts Centre (July). She will also be participating in Chinatown Remixed Art Festival (May 18 to June 18).